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2022 Big Bite Baits Fishathlon

What is the Fishathlon?

The Fishathlon (pronouced fish-ath-lon) is an analogy to a Decathlon (pronounced dih-kath-lon), an athletic contest composed of 10 different events. Only in this event, you have to catch 10 different fish on 10 different baits! This is a great excuse to get outside and fish, and it just might introduce you to some baits and techniques you haven't tried. Plus, you could earn an exclusive hat only available to Fishathlon finishers! We encourage friendly competition for this event, get your fishing buddies to participate and track your scores on the leaderboard to see how you stack up.

Need a fishing license? Click here for more info.

What are the baits?

The official list of baits for the 2022 Big Bite Baits Fishathlon is:

Choose whatever size/color your prefer! Click here to see all the baits.

Got any deals?

Yes! We set up a coupon code for Fishathlon participants to receive 20% off when you buy any 10 bags of baits on the bait list.

Use code "fishathlon" at checkout.

No purchase necessary, baits you already own and baits you may buy from other local and online retailers work too, as long as they're on the bait list!

What are the rules?

  • Submit a separate photo for each catch using the submission form.
  • Photo must show one of the baits from the bait list (any size/color/rig) and a fish you caught using it.
  • All fish species are allowed, follow local rules & regulations.
  • Must be a different fish from your other submissions.
  • Fish must be caught after the contest started (March 30, 2022)
  • Name & email must match exactly for each submission.
  • Submit 10 approved catch pics (one for each bait on the bait list) to receive your free Fishathlon hat!

What is the hat?

The exclusive Fishathlon hat is only available to finishers of the 2022 Big Bite Baits Fishathlon. If you submit 10 approved catches through the submission form we will send you one for free!

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